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Prowler Proof WarrantyProwler Proof is Australia’s most advanced manufacturer of security screens. The quality is unmatched, whether PROWLER you prefer the premium ForceField®, the smart Protec, the low maintenance Guardian®, the traditional Diamond PROOF designs, the classic Heritage designs … or need to keep small intruders out with an insect screen.

There is a Prowler Proof screen for every door or window opening in your home. ForceField®, Protec, Guardians®, Diamond designs and insect screens are available for hinge doors, sliding doors and windows – custom-made to your requirements. The Heritage design series offers a wide variety of door designs and sizes.

It’s the finishing touches that make the difference, with high strength welded corners, our exclusive concealed fix extrusions with H.ITT™, and a range of optional accessories. All our screens deliver seamless aesthetics and can be manufactured to suit your home perfectly.

Prowler Proof Screens

ForceField® stainless strength


It’s almost invisible, still it’s near impossible to get past. Like all other Prowler Proof products, ForceField® is welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets. A weld is stronger than any screw or rivet… and it looks better too. ForceField® is the strongest and best looking security screen on the market. The assembly system is unique to Prowler Proof. The heavy duty aluminium frame and the marine grade stainless steel mesh are joined together in a mechanical and chemical bond. It is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation of the two metals… eliminating a major cause of corrosion.

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Protec Smart Security

Prowler Proof Protec Attributes

Protec is smart security. It’s built in our hi-tech factory as an all-aluminium design with Prowler Proof’s famous welded corners. The mesh is a single aluminium sheet, perforated and powder coated to the high standards you’d expect from Prowler Proof. The perforations are exactly the right size – small enough to keep insects out, big enough to allow excellent airflow and transparency. The mesh is joined to the heavy duty aluminium frame in a process unique to Prowler Proof.

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Guardian® Fall Prevention

Prowler Proof Guardian Attributes

Guardian ® fall prevention screens create safe places for windows at height. Certain windows greater than 2.0m from the outside ground level need to meet the National Construction Code (NCC) fall prevention requirements, by using a restricted opening device, or if you want to use the full extent of your windows an approved screen, such as Guardian is essential. Guardian mesh is bonded into a fully welded, heavy-duty aluminium frame. Because Guardian features stainless steel mesh, it’s low maintenance, and strong enough to stand up to the rigours of children and pets. Its appearance is perfectly matched to our ForceFieldt security screens for the ultimate in full home protection. With Guardian’s fine 304 stainless steel architectural mesh, views are seemingly unrestricted. It delivers greater natural airflow to help cool and freshen any room.

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Insect Screens Fresh Air


Just like any other insect screen, a Prowler Proof insect screen is designed to keep small intruders out. That’s where the similarities end. Like all other Prowler Proof products, our insect screens are welded with robotic perfection. You’ll enjoy the extra strength and the great look of the welded corners every day. The standard gauze is high quality, long lasting fibreglass but you can take it even further. An aluminium or a stainless steel gauze offers extra strength as well as protection from bushfire. A micro fibreglass gauze will keep out even the smallest insects and our pet safe polyester mesh is an economical solution if you have pets. Thanks to Prowler Proof’s automated 7-stage powder coating process, our insect screens are available in 50 standard colours… with more than 250 further options if your favourite colour is not within our standard range.

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Screen Designs

Diamond designs are available for hinge doors, sliding doors and windows – custom-made to your requirements. The Heritage design series offers a wide variety of door designs and sizes.

Diamond designs familiar look

Prowler Proof Diamond Attributes

At first glance Prowler Proof’s Diamond designs look similar to other diamond grille screens. But have a closer look, You’ll soon notice that there are no visible joints – it looks and feels like the security screen is made in one piece, which is not far from the truth. Prowler Proof’s security screens are not held together by screws or rivets; they are welded. This adds strength… and good looks.

YOU can choose between Welded – where the grille and frame are the same, and you can select the colour you prefer from our extensive selection. or SnapLock – where you can choose any colour frame to complement the black grille. Both Diamond designs have been tested and passed the Australian Standard for security AS5039.

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Heritage designs classic doors

Prowler Proof Heritage Attributes

Prowler Proof’s Heritage doors add character to any home. Like all other Prowler Proof products they are not held together by screws or rivets. but welded. You’ll appreciate the welded corners and the added strength. Our Heritage doors are made with rust-free cast aluminium panels which are welded on all contact points to a heavy duty aluminium frame. Coupled with Prowler Proof’s 7-stage powder coating finish, the Heritage designs are virtually immune to corrosion and will give you many years of trouble-free use. There is a wide range of designs to choose from…all designs are available in 50 standard colours and more than 250 other colour options. There is sure to be a Heritage design to suit your home.

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Prowler Proof Heritage

Hinge Windows

Diamond designs are available for hinge doors, sliding doors and windows – custom-made to your requirements. The Heritage design series offers a wide variety of door designs and sizes.

Hinge Window Easy Access, High Security


Prowler Proof Hinge WindowThink of the possibilities for an opening security window screen.
Being able to open your security screen allows for easy access. Be it passing food into an entertaining area, or in case of an emergency.

The biggest advantage. on a day to day basis is the accessibility to open the screen to clean both screen and window glass. for a perfect view. Prowler Proof’s unique system includes European designed hardware. with high security multi-point locking. This hardware has been proven to perform time after time, so you can be assured that your screen will open when you need it to. and close properly everytime.

Like all Prowler Proof security products. our Hinge window has been testec and passed the Australian Standard AS5039 so you can be confident that the screen will only open when you want it to. Our unique fixing channel with -Hidden Installation Technology. not only hides all the fasteners so your screen doesn. look like its been added as an afterthought. i locks all of them away. removing tampering opportunities.

The purpose designed, dual action handle removes the chance of accidental opening.

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Colour Options

All Prowler Proof® products come in 50 standard colours and another 250 optional colours. There is no extra delivery time and only a small premium on optional colours. See the standard colours, including ColourBond shades on the Dulux Colour Selector Card. For more options please download the complete colour charts below.

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